NEWSFLASH!! GPS1 hit the headlines with the BBC.

Look as our Year 6 reporters makewaves at Media City.

GPS1 video at Media City
GPS1 interview the Producer of BBC Breakfast, James Laidler.
On Monday 1st July our Year 6 media club reporters where exclusively invited to the BBC studios at Media City UK Salford. The producer of the BBC Breakfast Programme, James Laidler arranged for us to tour the studios, see behind the background scenes of filming (the gallery), watch a live screening of the show from the gallery and have a question and answer session with the presenters Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid, aswell as a fabulous interview with James himself.

This was a great insight into the real world of media and was an inspiring experience for the children and adults involved.

GPS1 woud like to say an enormous thankyou to James for arranging this for us.
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