Meet the School Nurse Carer Champions

Watch this video to find out how School Nurses plan to support Young Carers

School Nurses
As interns, myself and Lauren had the opportunity to attend the school nurse carer champions day at the Department of Health. This was an extremely informative day where we were able to find out how school nurses will work to help and support young carers.

Firstly, Lauren and I interviewed the school nurses which had come from different parts of the country. We asked them various questions so do check out the video above for their responses. Lauren and I also had the opportunity to administer a short presentation. Following on from face-to-face and online consultations, young carers had compiled a list of top tips and messages they wanted school nurses to take into account when working with young carers so we presented this to them.

All in all, this was a very productive day. I'm sure I speak on behalf of other young carers when I say that I am delighted the government has taken the initiative to ensure school nurses are more active in supporting those with caring responsibilities.
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