We need Young Carer Champions!

Find out what being a Champion is all about and how you can get involved!

Our video
The best people to tell you what being a Champion is all about are our current champions, so why not watch the video above. Still interested? Read on!

We are currently recruiting Young Carer Champions for the Young Carers in Focus programme. We already have around 101 amazing young carers who have signed up, but over the next three years we are looking to recruit over 200 champions, so we want you to get involved!

If you are passionate about raising awareness about the needs of young carers, feel it is important for you and other young carers to have your voices heard, and would like to represent young carers on a local and national level, then becoming a Young Carer Champion could be for you.

As a Champion, you will receive tailor made training which will give you new skills including leadership, personal well-being and media-making. As well as an initial training event, you will be offered opportunities to attend specialist training residentials, take part in media opportunities (for example being interviewed on the radio or tv) to raise awareness and share your story, and even input your ideas into government policy.

Champions start by attending an initial Champions Training Conference, the dates of these are to be confirmed. Please see story at a later date for further details.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below and speak to your project worker.

Are you a Champion? Leave your comments about your experiences below to share with our new recruits!
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