Meet our Media Club - Updated 31/08/2017

Our school media club is growing every term - take a look at who's who here.

Our school reporters work extremely hard creating stories for you to enjoy and get involved with - follow the reporter links to tune into their stories and most of all have FUN!

Greenmount (Mrs 'C')

GPS1R2 (Jenny) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R3 (Georgia) (high school reporter)

GPS1R5 (Adam) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R6 (Robert) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R7 (Miranda) (school leaver 2014)

GPS1R8 (Alice) (school leaver 2014)

GPS1R9 (Nicole) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R10 (Emma) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R11 (Harrison) (school leaver 2013)

GPS1R12 (Joe) (left media club 2016)

GPS1R13 (Millie) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R14 (Maddie) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R15 (Joseph) (school leaver 2016)

GPS1R16 (Oliver) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R17 (Callum) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R18 (Will) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R19 (Scarlet) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R20 (Holly) (left media club)

GPS1R21 (Maisy) (school leaver 2014)

GPS1R22 (Daniel) (left media club)

GPS1R23 (Lewis)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R24 (Evie) (left media club)

GPS1R25 (Yasmin) (left media club)

GPS1R26 (Milly) (left media club)

GPS1R27 (Finlan) (left media club)

GPS1R28 (Isabelle) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R29 (Owen) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R30 (Sally) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R31 (Sam) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R32 (Jenim) (moved schools Oct 2013)

GPS1R33 (Josh) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R34 (Charlotte) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R35 (Rosa)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R36 (Sam W)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R37 (William F) (left media club)

GPS1R38 (William O) (left media club)

GPS1R39 (Eloise) (left media club)

GPS1R40 (Darcy) (left media club)

GPS1R41 (Tom Mc) (left media club)

GPS1R42 (James) (school leaver 2016)

GPS1R43 (Alexandra) (left media club)

GPS1R44 (Emma B) (left media club)

GPS1R45 (Nathan) (left media club)

GPS1R46 (Louis S B) (school leaver 2016)

GPS1R47 (Samuel A) (left media club)

GPS1R48 (Hannah) (left media club)

GPS1R49 (Archie S)

GPS1R50 (Jorja)

GPS1R51 (Lois)

GPS1R52 (Oliver M)

GPS1R53 (Jennifer) (left media club)

GPS1R54 (Nicole) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R56 (Charlie) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R57 (Holly S) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R58 (Henry Fo)

GPS1R59 (Aimee) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R60 (Abbas) (school leaver 2015)

GPS1R61 (Chloe)

GPS1R62 (Jessica V)

GPS1R63 (Madeleine)

GPS1R64 (Joe G)

GPS1R65 (Tom P) (left media club)

GPS1R66 (Dan B)

GPS1R67 (Peter C)

GPS1R68 (Emily P)

GPS1R69 (Dylan C)

GPS1R70 (Megan S)

GPS1R71 (Robert M)

GPS1R72 (Joe C)

GPS1R73 (Amelia S)

GPS1R74 (Sam R)

GPS1R75 (Holly D)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R76 (Hallie B) (school leaver 2017)

GPS1R77 (Archie A B) (left media club)

GPS1R78 (Ben F)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R79 (Emily G)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R81 (Scarlett Mc)
(left media club)

GPS1R82 (Lucie H) (left media club)

GPS1R83 (Henry Mc)

GPS1R84 (Darcie L) (school leaver 2017)

GPS1R86 (Isabella E) (left media club)

GPS1R87 (Louisa S)

GPS1R88 (Heidi H)

GPS1R89 (Thomas S)
(Left media club)

GPS1R90 (Harry H)

GPS1R91 (Molly A)

GPS1R92 (Molly C)

GPS1R93 (Olivia G)

GPS1R94 (Freya H)

GPS1R95 (Violet H-P)

GPS1R96 (Joseph Bell)
(school leaver 2017)

GPS1R97 (Isabelle Roberts)

GPS1R98 (Callum Miniero)

GPS1R99 (Edison Marsden)

GPS1R100 (Ben Russell)

GPS1R101 (Jack Warburton)

GPS1R102 (Euan Critchley)

GPS1R103 (Scarlett Norman)

GPS1R104 (Charlie Eales)

GPS1R105 (Jacob Vorley)

GPS1R106 (Hannah Oldroyd)

GPS1R107 (Meg Greenhalgh)

GPS1R108 (Holly Greaves)

GPS1R109 (Ed Reeves)

GPS1R110 (Al Liotti)

GPS1R111 (Jamie Harrop)

GPS1R112 (Ellis Wright)
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