Earn your S2R Silver Journalist Medal

How to guide for earning your S2R Silver Journalist Medal

S2R Journalist is all about digital literacy and speaking and listening skills as you learn how to plan, create and publish sports reports across a range of media types. You submit your media stories to the 'S2R Medals Channel' on Makewaves to receive your Medals.

To earn the S2R Silver Journalist Medal, you must create sports reports which demonstrate research and interview skills, two of which are featured to the S2R Network by the S2R Team. You need to promote your reports and connect with an online audience.

Skills Demonstrated
  • Understands how to conduct a professional interview (body language, professionalism)
  • Understands appropriateness of questions (clear, relevant etc) Able to listen
  • Can research using the web (and offline channels) and demonstrate this
  • Can use appropriate language and tone and can present ideas confidently and clearly
  • Can promote to and engage with an audience online
  • Can reflect on own work and self-assess to a degree.
  • Understands how to use more than one type of media - Awareness of Copyright

Other S2R Medals Needed
  • S2R Bronze Journalist

Makewaves Achievements
  • S2R Featured Story x 2
  • S2R Interview Badge
  • S2R Promoter

Link to interview example


How is the Badge Issued?
This badge is awarded by your teacher, so make sure you let them know when you feel you have achieved the S2R Silver Journalist Medal

Earn your next S2R Medal
Report at a live sports event and earn your next S2R Medal - Bronze Producer

Teachers/ Schools
To find out about S2R Medals and access everything you need to get involved visit www.makewav.es/s2r/c/s2rteachers If you are not already a Makewaves member, create your free S2R site here www.makewav.es/joins2r
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