How much does Makewaves cost?

Subscription costs for our packages

Makewaves Basic – FREE

With Makewaves Basic, you can create your school site and add as many teachers and students as you like.

However, you are limited to 30 minutes of audio or video uploads and you can only create three badges. There are many other features that are not available, such as channels, document uploads, senior reporters and groups.

Makewaves Pro! - £1,947+vat Secondary / £749+vat Primary

The full kit and caboodle. Makewaves Pro! is the comprehensive solution, giving you everything you need to create the perfect hub for your school.

As well as unlimited space for uploading audio and video, Makewaves Pro! members are given the option to organise their content into channels, unlimited badge creation, create groups of students, upload document files, assign students with ‘Senior Reporter’ status, and send messages to members of their class.

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Ruth Burgess says...
I presume this is an annual cost, or is it a one off?
02 July 13
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Makewaves says...
Hi, all costs are annual. Thanks.
16 July 13
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