What is the impact of Makewaves on learning?

The positive influences Makewaves has on student education


We believe in giving children and young people a voice, and in giving them an audience to speak to.

All content on Makewaves is made by young people. We provide a safe social network for their blogs, podcasts and videos to be heard.

Makewaves provides a safe, moderated online space for children and young people to meet others and share ideas. Teachers and staff can easily support pupils and check all content. Our CRB checked staff ensure Makewaves is a positive, fun environment that encourages individual development.

Schools can choose to make their Makewaves content viewable by the public, allowing parental engagement, and the opportunity to reach an unlimited audience as students experience real world web publishing.

Confidence and learner voice

“Children who are not heard at home have a safe means of communicating with people outside. Makewaves empowers them and gives them a voice... a bridge between home and school.”
– Amy Roberts, Deputy Head at Riversdale Primary.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from teachers and students alike is that Makewaves gives young people a voice. The experience of publishing content on the web for the first time can be hugely rewarding for young people, and the opportunity to learn new skills in multimedia helps to build their confidence.

Students who would often be less willing to express themselves in normal classroom situations often find themselves at ease in the safe, positive environment of Makewaves, and we regularly hear from teachers who are surprised by the transformation in some of their quieter students.


We work alongside charities, community groups, local authorities and other organisations to deliver positive learning experiences for young people.

Our project partners are carefully selected to ensure that every activity offers positive learning outcomes for the Makewaves community.
In the past, our members have been able to engage with organisations like Comic Relief, WWF and The Parliament Education Service – for more information on these and other projects, visit our projects page.

Digital Literacy

We believe in enabling young people to develop the creative, social and literacy skills they need.

Digital literacy requires new skills and effective decision making in new settings. Makewaves provides rich social media experiences that put young people in charge and challenge them to develop their skills for a real, global audience.

Digital Badges

Makewaves is part of the Open Badges learning revolution, having worked closely with Mozilla to ensure members of the community can earn digital badges for online accreditation.

Open Badges are set to shape online learning in exciting ways, and we have had a great response to badges from the Makewaves community since they launched in early 2013.

CPD and the ICT Curriculum

The government has spoken of the need for young people to become “responsible, confident, competent users of technology” – over the years we have seen Makewaves play a key role in helping many students achieve this.

As part of this process, we believe in supporting teaching staff with easy to use, relevant tools and training.

All teachers using Makewaves have access to free training from our network management team, and we strive to provide useful learning resources and classroom-ready tools to make the delivery of positive learning outcomes as easy as possible.


We believe that hand held devices make learning together easier and more convenient.

The Makewaves App makes creating, connecting and sharing simple and easy to do whether you are in or outside the classroom.

As the use of tablet and mobile devices for learning becomes more commonplace, we offer a solution that works across all devices and gives young people a wonderfully easy way in which to create, upload and share their work.

The Makewaves site is constantly being developed to ensure schools benefit from the very latest social media technology. Through in depth evaluations and cutting edge research, we ensure Makewaves stays at the forefront of education technology.
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