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More information about the safe social learning platform Makewaves

Makewaves is a safe social learning platform for schools. It offers schools a safe environment in which to publish blogs, videos, pictures, and audio online, where they can be shared with a like-minded network of schools around the world.

Makewaves is free to join and every member school is given its own space within the community, where work can be safely published and shared.

Teachers can choose their own security settings, giving them full control over who can view their school’s content.

The platform is an ideal tool for developing digital literacy skills, learning about internet safety, and learning how to use social media responsibly.

The history of Makewaves

In 2003, brothers Mark and Tim Riches established the first incarnation of Makewaves (known then as Radiowaves) as a place for young people to publish internet radio and get their voices heard.

Having done pioneering work with online journals and video conferencing – long before the days of e-books and broadband - the brothers saw the potential of technology and asked: “What if we let kids use these tools to put their own stories on the web?”

Working with schools and researchers they developed the concept into the first full Makewaves site in 2003.
The site won a BETT Award for Innovation award in 2004, and the Makewaves community began to grow. The early Makewaves schools embraced new technology and soon many others were joining to share their work.

The Makewaves Vision

Tim and Mark’s vision was for every young person to be able to share their story with the world. To achieve this, in 2010 Makewaves Basic was launched in order to make the platform available for free to every school.

Makewaves has grown into a global community of schools managed by a team of staff in Leeds.

The Makewaves team includes teachers, broadcasters, journalists, developers, designers, project managers and trainers who all have one thing in common: a passion for helping young people share their story.

Over 60,000 students use Makewaves to publish blogs and articles, and to broadcast their school podcasts and videos to friends, family and the Makewaves community.

Makewaves gives young people an instant audience for their work, as well as the opportunity to get feedback and comments to motivate and inspire them further.

With over 150,000 blogs, articles and videos stories already online, Makewaves is the place to hear what young people are saying.

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