How to get started on Makewaves

A few handy hints about the first easy things you can do on Makewaves

If you’re new to Makewaves - or even if you’re not! - here’s a few tips on how to get started. You’ll soon see how easy it is!

Adding a profile picture

You can make an avatar (a picture to represent yourself) using our built in Makebadges avatar maker.

Alternatively, you can upload your own picture. You need to have a picture saved to your computer ready to upload. Think first! Do you have permission to use that picture? Have a read of our copyright rules here -

When you have a picture saved on your computer...

1. Click on the options icon on the picture space on the left hand side of your page
2. Click "Upload Picture"
3. Click "Add files" to find the picture on your computer - or you can drag and drop the file directly into the upload window.
4. Click "Start Upload" to upload your profile picture.

Your publisher will need to approve this photo before other people can see it.

Adding profile text

1. Click "Edit" on your About Me section on the left hand side of the page
2. Click in the profile box and add your text. Not sure what to write? Tell us a little about yourself - your hobbies, your interests, your pets...but stay safe! Never give out any personal information about yourself
3. Click "Save" to add your text

Your publisher will need to approve your profile before other people can see it.

When you've done both of these things, you’ll get your Starter Badge!

Find out more about Badges and how you can earn more here:

And finally, here’s the answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Makewaves?

Makewaves is a safe website for you to share your videos, blogs, photos & audio. We have thousands of schools from all over the world on Makewaves. On this site, students & pupils are called Reporters, and Teachers are called Publishers

Who is the Mole?

The Mole is a special Reporter who looks after Makewaves. Any questions about the site? Leave a comment for The Mole!

What can I do on Makewaves?

We have lots of competitions and activities for you to take part in. To find out what’s going on right now, go over the The Underground, all the latest activities are featured there - and don't forget to check out the Badge Library.
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Nice work
Well done on becoming a special publisher
19 April 15
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