The Moles Guide to Open Badges on Makewaves

An extra dimension to Makewaves Badges for anyone aged 13 or over.

What are Open Badges?

Mozilla Open Badges are awards for young people aged 13 and over that can be earned on various websites. You can also display them on any website that uses them. As Makewaves is now an Open Badges website, you will be able to display all the Open Badges you earn across the web.

I’m under 13, can I earn Open Badges?

Sorry, but no. Mozilla Open Badges are only available to people aged 13 or over. This was decided by the creators of Open Badges and by American Internet Laws, so there is nothing we can do to change this. However, there are lots of Makewaves Badges you can earn!

What Open Badges can I earn on Makewaves?

Any badge on Makewaves that has the Open Badges logo is an Open Badge that can be pushed to your backpack once you have been awarded it.

I’ve earnt an Open Badge! How do I claim it!

Great! First, you need to register with Mozilla Backpack - - make sure you register with the same e-mail address that is attached to your Makewaves account - this is very important!

Then there are two ways to claim your badge.

1. Click on your new badge and then click “Claim Open Badge” OR go to your Newsfeed and click “Claim Open Badge”
3. Confirm your age
4. Sign in to your Mozilla Backpack account
5. Accept your badge
6. Click on "Backpack" to manage your Badges
7. Click on “Collections”
8. Drag a badge over to make a new Collection
9. Tick the box to make that group Public

You can then also share these badges with Google +, Twitter and Facebook.
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