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Originally an 80s film, Red Dawn was recreated to 21st century standards and is a brilliant film at that! Set in the USA, the North Koreans invade it without any warning. A small group of teenagers gang together, fighting against the North Koreans, and naming themselves the Wolverines, after the local high school American football team. The teenagers go through life and death situations, with family and friends being put through questioning and torture by the North Koreans, and people they hold dear to their hearts dying. With the whole of North Korea against them, the Wolverines prove that together, you can do anything.

With a cast of people like Chris Hemsworth (AKA Thor, from his self-titled film and The Avengers), Josh Peck (Josh from kids TV show Drake and Josh), Josh Hutcherson (Known for playing Peeta in the Hunger Games, and Sean Anderson in Journey to the centre of the earth and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) and Connor Cruise, this really is a film to watch! It was made a few years ago by MGM, but after MGM lost the film, Red Dawn wasn't actually released until late 2012.

It is a great film as it has all the violence for the boys (or the girls who like a bit if fighting) but if you're like me, a girl who isn't obsessed by fighting, it's still really good as it always keeps you interested, and the story line is great! I would very highly recommend this film!

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