Young Carers quiz Edward Timpson MP

Young Carers talk to Edward Timpson MP at the Whole Family Prevention through Partnership Celebration event in London.

Interview with Edward Timpson MP
Young Carers were invited to the Whole Family Prevention through Partnership Celebration event in London to capture the highlights of the day through film, pictures and blogs. The event was a brilliant chance for YCiF Champions to talk to important people such as Dr Maggie Atkinson and Edward Timpson, a Member of Parliament, about being a young carer.

See more videos from the event here:

The Champions quizzed Edward Timpson MP about the support young carers need in schools. We also invited him to come along to the Young Carers Festival to meet more young carers and find out about how he can help. We hope he'll join us at the festival, and if he does we will be arranging another interview with him.

So, if you have any ideas for questions for Ed Timpson, or any MP for that matter, that relate to support and awareness of young carers, leave your ideas below.

We'll us your ideas for the next interview, that way we can make sure we're asking him about the things that matter most to you!

Leave your ideas for questions, or issues you'd like to talk to him about, as a comment below.
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