Diary of an Evacuee by Daniel Bradshaw

Listen to exerts from a diary of a World War II evacuee written by Daniel Bradshaw, read and recorded by Daniel, ably assisted by Jay Roberts

Diary of an Evacuee During the Second World War
My Experiences as an Evacuee During The Second World War


Daniel Bradshaw

May 17th 1941

I’m still at home, Dad’s joined the army and Mum’s going to be an ambulance driver. I’m as cold as a freezer and I have a sick feeling in my stomach, but I don’t think that’s because of the lunch I ate. I gradually walked out of the door to the train station. There was a poisonous smell in the air because of all the bombing and the fires. I always dreamed of the day I’d ride a train but instead of getting closer to my dream I drifted further away. I lifted my carry case onto the train and found a cold, still deserted cab, with just Miss James sitting silently. I waved goodbye to my Mum and then sat down.

May 18th 1941

I was waiting in the town hall. I was sort of nervous. My knees were knocking like an impatient milkman and I couldn’t feel the bottom part of my legs. A tall, strict looking man walked past our row. He stopped at me. I didn’t want him. He sneered at me. I started shaking. Rapidly I lost control. I fell back and smacked my head on the wall behind me.

May 19th 1941

I woke up in an old tattered rag of a bed with a sweet looking girl next to me. A woman was leaning over me. I asked where I was. She told me that her brother had picked me and I should stay in bed because of a serious head injury. My head was spinning. I was aching so much I thought I was still bleeding. I felt like someone was repeatedly hammering a nail into my head. Every little whisper sounded like a bomb had hit. It was so bad I wanted to scream in agony but I couldn’t let it out. I laid my head on my pillow but my head started hammering again. I wept.

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stevie says...
a moving and interesting piece
13 April 15
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fiona says...
i loved that thanks : ) : )
06 June 15
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David says...
i'm about to write my homework and this really helped me.
12 March 16
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Abdulhakeem Ahmadi says...
Whoever made this thank you because it helped me with my homework which is all about WWII
7 months ago
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Birch Class says...
Laurence Hanes School will love this ??
5 months ago
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