One Law by Ubaidur Rahman. Students in secondary school should be given a tablet as a learning aid

Why I think a law should be passed allowing all secondary school students to have a tablet as a learning aid.

If I could make one law- tablets for all secondary students
Tablets for school by Ubaidur Rahman
How other countries are introducing tablets into schools.
Tablets could support 1 to Internet access for students
How parents and students could benefit from 1 to 1 tablets
If I could make one law- tablets for all secondary students
How parents and students could benefit from 1 to 1 tablets
Hello, my name is Ubaidur Rahman and I attend the St Lawrence academy in Scunthorpe. I would like to persuade you of the need for a law to supply 11 to 16 year old's with tablet such as the Ipads.We will look at the possible benefit to students, schools and society if the above became a law.The UK�?�¢??s Family Kids and Youth research agency recently conducted a qualitative study of schools where students use tablet. The study found many benefits including an increased motivation to learn, increased parental engagement, more efficient monitoring of progress between pupil and teacher, greater collaboration between teacher and pupil and between pupil and pupil. Tablets offer a sense of inclusion that allow students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and attainment levels the opportunity to thrive through independent or what is termed pupil-led learning.For more information on the The Aakash 2 Tablet E learning foundation runs the Tablets for Schools This is a corporate social responsibility project to enhance education in the UK by enabling access to tablet computing and recommended content for children in school and at home by supporting schools and parents with financial cost of providing tablets. For more information on the E learning foundation figures on Internet access reason to use a tablet in a classroom future of tablets and apps in schools by Indian government plan to push through its ambitious $10bn program to give a tablet to every for Foundation Tablets for Schools is a multi-agency Corporate Responsibility programme that believes that enabling every child in the UK to have access to tablet computing. Quarto - �??�?�£199 Bett Award 2013 studies on schools that have introduced tablets Shepard's function boxes at
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