Kate Valentine talks about online safety on Sky News

Teaching young people how to use social media safely!

Kate Valentine talks to Sky News
Kate Valentine, who co-developed the Safe resources for DigitalMe was invited in by Sky News to talk about the programme on the Saturday morning breakfast news.

Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people's skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites. Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver engaging activities and develop digital literacy skills.

Find out about Safe, the certificate in Social Networking and DigitalMe

Learn more about the pilot programme to teach social media skills in school

Safer Internet Day 2013 Badge
Young people can earn their SID 2013 Badge by sharing what they are doing for Safer Internet Day 2013. The Safe Network will be hosting live content, debates and featuring highlights from SID2013. From tomorrow, we will be awarding the SID 2013 badge to young people who have submitted successful content to the Safer Internet Day Channel. The 10th annual Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on February 5th 2013, with organisers Insafe and the UK Safer Internet Centre hoping to make the event “bigger and better than ever before”.
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