Young targets are set to join big boys!

Are they really worth that money?

New news reveals that Arsenal are considering a move for series B defender Jorginho who going to be bidded for at £6 million. A player from that 'class' is really not worth that much. He has made 33 league appearances so far this season for his current club and is full of stamina because he's young. But does he really have an impact o the game, and the team? Other sources also reveal Arsenal are looking to loan out 21 year old Cuenca of Barca. He is a good WF and would provide good depth on the right hand side - when players like Walcott or Podolski are out, to feed tasty ball-in to Giroud or Gervinho. With only 1 week left, will the Gunners soar to sign? And how many? Setephan Jovetic of Fiorientina is yet to be bidded for at 20 million Euros. He's a CF, so will provide a partner to Giroud and Walcott.
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