Safer Internet Day 2013 Badge Criteria

Closed Come back in 2014 to earn your SID2014 Badge!

Unfortunately this Badge is now closed. However, come back in 2014 to earn the SID2014 Badge!

Safer Internet Day 2013 Digital Badge
To earn a Safer Internet Day 2013 Badge, a young person has:
- Responded to a brief set by Safe
- Created a Safer Internet Day themed report using video, audio, images and/or text
- Shared their report online

The report they have produced is:
- Original work by a student or group of students
- Relevant to an aspect or theme of the Safer Internet Day
- Suitable for a wide audience including children

In achieving this medal the young person has demonstrated skills in:
- Literacy & Communication
- Media creation
- IT
- Social media

To find out how to get your own Safer Internet Day 2013 Badge or for more information about Safe please visit here

About Safe
Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people's skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites. Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver engaging activities and develop digital literacy skills.
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