Introducing S2R Medals

Help your students earn their S2R Medals and develop work place skills - everything you need to know to get started.

What is Supporter to Reporter?
Supporter to Reporter (S2R) is a programme run by DigitalMe which gives young people skills and confidence through sports reporting. The S2R programme turns young people into Journalists, Producers and Coaches. They learn vital workplace skills like communication, teamwork, how to meet deadlines, as well as digital media skills. They create reports using video, audio, text and images, and publish them all for the world to see on the safe social network Makewaves:

Introducing S2R Medals
S2R Medals are a new digital way to recognise and demonstrate the skills your students will learn through the S2R programme. The S2R Medals can be displayed on your students' Makewaves reporter page and for anyone over 13, they can also be displayed on other Social Networks and CV sites using Mozilla Open Badge technology. There are three types of Medal students can earn as they acquire journalism skills, apply them at real events, such as school sports matches, and pass their skills on to others. Each Medal has a Bronze, Silver and Gold level to show how far they have progressed.

1. S2R Journalist
Journalist focuses on developing digital literacy and speaking and listening skills as young people learn how to plan, create and publish sports reports across a range of media.

2. S2R Producer
Producer is an offline strand of activity which enables young people to test their journalism skills at a real world event e.g. a school sports event or professional sports match, and develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

3. S2R Coach
Coach develops young people’s peer review and peer mentoring skills as they support other young people to earn their S2R Medals by passing on their skills (online and offline)

Each level is broken down in detail in the links above to show which skills, online achievements and evidence are required to achieve each medal.

Get Started Now!
The first Medal is the S2R Journalist Bronze which is an automatic badge. Students just need to create 3 multimedia sports reports and submit them to the S2R Medals Channel. To help your students earn their first medal visit

To access the complete S2R programme, including the Gold Awards and Mentoring strand, join the S2R Network. Already a Makewaves Member? Join here..

Resources and Support
The S2R Resources can be used to deliver the programme. Download for free here!
See badges in action online
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