Earn your S2R Bronze Journalist Medal

Create 3 sport reports and earn your S2R medal

Earn your S2R Bronze Journalist now! _(Music by Middleman)_
S2R Journalist is all about digital literacy and speaking and listening skills as you learn how to plan, create and publish sports reports across a range of media types. You submit your media stories to the 'S2R Medals Channel' on Makewaves to receive your Medals.

To earn the S2R Bronze Journalist Medal you must create three sports reports of acceptable quality which are accepted into the S2R Medals channel. They need to be about sport, use appropriate language and contain text and images/videos.

Earn your medal in 3 easy steps

1. Create three multimedia sports reports - your stories need to be about sport, include text and photos or video/audio, and written in your own words.

2. Submit them to the S2R Medals channel for approval https://www.makewav.es/s2r/c/s2rmedalssportsreports
Each report you create that is accepted into the channel will award you with a S2R Story community achievement, which will be displayed on your reporter page.

3. Wait for your S2R Bronze Medal Journalist to appear on your reporter page!
When you have collected 3 S2R Story community achievements, you will receive your S2R Bronze journalist medal, which will also appear on your reporter page to show your friends and family. See what it will look like here: https://www.makewav.es/r/glennwheeler

Skills Demonstrated
- Is able to create subject related media
- Is motivated and technically able.
- Understands how to use at least one type of media
- Can consistently create media stories of acceptable quality

Other S2R Medals Needed

Community Achievements
S2R Story x 3

Link to one of the multimedia stories


How is the Badge Issued?

Need Inspiration? Here are some example sports reports:
1. https://www.makewav.es/story/459818/title/olympicstarsatcatmose
2. https://www.makewav.es/story/513367/title/londonmarathonroundup
3. https://www.makewav.es/story/513563/title/defendingthewin

So what you waiting for? Get reporting and earn your first S2R Medal!

Earn your next S2R Medal
Improve your reporting skills and earn your next S2R Medal - Silver Journalist https://www.makewav.es/story/509259

Teachers/ Schools
To find out about S2R Medals and access everything you need to get involved visit https://www.makewav.es/s2r/c/s2rteachers
If you are not already a Makewaves member, create your free S2R site here https://www.makewav.es/joins2r
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