The Moles Guide To Makewaves Badges

All you need to know about earning your badges


What are Makewaves Badges?

Badges are rewards you get for completing different missions, taking part in competitions or for helping others - similar to the ones you win in video games but for doing something great!

How can I get them?

Automatic Badges
You can get some badges automatically for doing a task or reaching a level on Makewaves. For example when you set up your profile page you will get the Safe Profile badge awarded automatically.

Badge Missions
The Badge Library shows you all the latest Badge Missions made by Makewaves and other Teachers.

If you see a Badge Mission in the Library that you'd like to take part in, click on the badge and then click Take. Each Badge Mission has a page telling you what you need to do to get this badge.

Most Badge Missions will have a series of tasks for you to complete. You can add text, documents, videos and photos directly to the task to show that you've finished it. Or, you can include a Story that contains your work. Once your Teacher has checked that you have finished each task, they can award you that badge.

Your Teachers can invite you into Badge Missions too, so keep an eye out for the latest things to take part in!

Badges made by my School
Your teachers and publishers can make badge missions that can only be earned by your school. To see all the latest badges made exclusively for you, click on My Badge Missions on the left hand side on your user page, and then select Badges made by your site.

What Badges can I get?

New badges are being added all the time so check the Badge Library for the latest.
Here are some the badges you can get from Makewaves.
(Hint... there are some others we might not tell you about until you get them!)

  • Safe Profile - awarded when you have set up your profile picture and written 'about me' text
  • 10 Blogs - awarded when you have made 10 live Blog posts (from 28th January 2013 )
  • 10 Stories - awarded when you have made 10 live Stories published (from 15th April 2013 )
  • 50...100...more - you will get extra badges when you publish more blogs and stories
  • Senior Reporter - This badge will be given to you if your Publisher has made you a Senior Reporter


I've done one of those things! Why haven't I got my Badge yet?
It could be one of two things!
- Your work needs to be approved before you get your Badge - this will either be done by your teacher or a member of the Makewaves team.
- We have thousands of members on Makewaves and we award lots of badges every day, so it can take a little while to get badges out to everyone! Please be patient, it will be with you shortly.

Where will they appear?
There is a box on your Reporter page called My Badges which will contain all the Badges you've earned, as well as links to explain what you got them for and the evidence for the badge. There's also a page called Badgepack which is a bigger showcase for all your achievements.

What are “Open Badges”?
You might have seen some users with an “Open Badges” section on their pages. Mozilla Open Badges are awards for young people aged 13 and over that can be earned on various websites. You can also display them on any website that uses them. As Makewaves is now an Open Badges website, you will be able to display all the Open Badges you earn across the web.

You can find out more about Open Badges on Makewaves here:

I've got all these badges...
Congratulations! But there will be more to earn. Have you done all the missions you can? See the Badge Library for more.

If you have earned a badge why not help someone else to get theirs. By helping others you could earn extra special badges :)

Any Questions?
Leave a comment below if you have any questions about badges!
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