Young Carers Festival 2013

This years' strapline - YOU DECIDE!!!

As many of you will know, each year we run a Young Carers Festival in Southampton for young Carers from across the country.

We have about 1,500 young carers who camp for a weekend at the end of June, take part in crazy activities, arts and crafts, silent discos, live music, and visit the Voice Zone to have their say on important issues which affect young carers. If you haven't been to the festival before, why not check out the Young Carers Festival Channel on Makewaves and see what we get up to!

Every year the festival has a theme - for example last year the festival was all about the Olympics and launching the YCiF Project, which will be training up Young Carer champions- so our strapline was ‘Champions for Change’!

This year the festival promises to be bigger and better and we want YOUR help to make it the best yet. We'll be running activities here on Makewaves over the next few months so that you and your projects can suggest ideas, vote in polls and take part in competitions to help us plan YCF 2013!!

The overall theme for the Festival is going to be ‘The Arts/Expressions’ looking at various art forms, and giving Young Carers the opportunity to take part in Arts Awards. But we need a catchy strapline for the Festival!!


We would love you and your project to come up with a short strapline for the Festival linking to our overall theme of ‘The Arts’. Think about words like creativity, imagination, expression...

Leave your ideas in the comments box below and we will shortlist the top 5 suggestions. Then you can all vote in an online poll and see if your strapline wins!!

So start thinking, get creative and share your thoughts….GO!!
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