Earn your Safer Internet Day 2013 Digital Badge

Create content for Safer Internet Day and earn your SID2013 Badge!

Safer Internet Day 2013, organised by Insafe and UK Safer Internet Centre, will be the tenth edition of the event, and will take place on Tuesday 5 February 2013. The theme for the day is 'Online rights and responsibilities', when we will encourage users to 'Connect with respect'.

Because we know you will be making great content whether it's a blog, video or poem for SID in school, we've created a digital badge to award you for your hard work.

Earn your SID2013 badge in 3 simple steps:

1. Create content about/for SID2013 e.g. Blog post, Top Tips, Video or Poem etc.
2. Click up 'Make a Story' and upload your content to your Makewaves online profile
3. Submit your story to the Safer Internet Day Channel

We will be awarding the SID 2013 badge to young people who have submitted successful content to the Safer Internet Day Channel. Young people will automatically receive a digital badge which will be displayed on your online profile page. You can see the badge in action on Caitlin27's profile

Also on the Safe Network you will be able to join with our online debates, making sure that you are always trying to 'Connect with Respect'! Visit the network to get involved

To get your school involved and help your students earn their digital SID 2013 badge, you can create your own school site for free on Makewaves

The activity is free to take part in, and your students can proudly display their digital badge on their online Makewaves profile.

You can also take your students through the Safe programme and earn them a certificate in safe social networking. You can access the free resources on the network after you've created your Makewaves account.

If you have any questions, please contact or tel: 0113 245 6445
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