My First Few Weeks At Inverkeithing High School!

How I am getting on, new friends and homework!

Hey guys! As you may well know I have just moved onto Secondary School and you might of noticed I am hardly ever on which I do apologise for! I just want to give you an update about how I am getting on!

I am loving IHS so much and I have made so many great new friends! I love my classes and it is a really big school and I think I have found my way around now! The teachers are brilliant and I am going to join the make.waves club at IHS which I can't wait to do! (Sorry, forgot to join today!!)

I will try and come on more often but I guess longer days, homework and a busy schedule has got the better of me! Anyway, hope to speak to you guys soon and hope your all enjoying being back at school!

moonbeam1 x
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