How to join the Young Carers in Focus network

Information for project leaders or teachers

We’d like you to join our network by creating a site for your Young Carers Project/Service/Group.

Once your site has been approved you can encourage your young people to create user accounts, which they can use to publish text, photos, audio and video, and connect with other young carers across the UK. You and your colleagues will act as publishers, to manage your station and check content before it goes live. The privacy settings available on Makewaves allow you to decide whether content can be seen by the world, just the YCiF network, or even just your project.

The YCiF programme partners will use the network to communicate with you and your young people, sharing project news, online activities and debates for your group to get involved in, and exciting opportunities such as training, residentials and events. We’ll also use the network to recruit our Young Carer Champions and share useful resources for young carers from all the programme partners.

To create your site, please click the following link and fill out your details.

The Makewaves team will then call your project to verify your registration, and once approved, you can begin using your station to get involved in this exciting project.

Already a member of Makewaves? If you're from a school and you already have a Makewaves site, you can signpost your young people to the network to get involved.
If you have a young carers project in your school and feel your young people would prefer to engage separately from your school site, please create a new site for this group by clicking the link below. If you don't have a young carers group, but have individual young people who would like to engage seperately from your school site (anonymously) please contact and we can arrange a separate reporter account for them.

We hope this safe network will provide young carers with a space where they can feel comfortable sharing their views and stories with others in similar situations, but also a public platform through which they can get their voices heard by those who can make a difference to their lives. We hope you will join us and look forward to involving your project in YCiF!

Are you a young person? Find out how to get involved here:
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