My First Home Economics Session At High School

P7's Have Been Visiting The High School over The Last Few School Days To Take Part In An Home Econimics Class To Make An Energy Bar, (Flapjacks)!

Today, 15th May 2012 I took my first visit to Inverkeithing High School to participate in a Home Economics class where we made an energy bar - flapjacks. I will take you through step by step, telling you what to do. I have made all the key points bold for you!! This serves about 2.... But it depends how big a piece you want!

1. Girls, You will need to tie your hair up so that you don't get your hair in the mixture. If your hair is in bunches, you will need to tie it back in a ponytail.

2. Put on an apron! Cooking can be very messy indeed so it is a good idea to put on an apron. I know I got covered!!!

3. Clean the surface you will be using The surface you are using will need to be clean so it doesn't spread germs.

4. Wash your hands. Everytime you cook you must wash your hands. People don't want dirty hands touching the food they have to eat!

Ingredients (I forgot the measurements but I will give you a rough outline.)
Porridge Oats (75 grams)
*Caster Sugar (At least a tablespoon)
*Margarine (If you get your basic package of margarine, one quarter of that)

Optional Ingredients
Raisins or Sultanas
Sesame Seeds or Sunflower Seeds
Fruit Peelings (Lemon, Orange and..... I forgot the other one, sorry!)
Cinnamon or Ginger

You Will Need
Glass Bowl
Wooden Spoon
Fairy Liquid
Drying Rack
Tea Towel
Oven Gloves
Tin Mini Container


1. Weigh out 75g of Porridge Oats into a glass bowl.

2. In the pan, add the *Margarine, Caster Sugar and Syrup.

3. Turn your oven on and heat up the rings. Turn the temperature up to 180 degrees

4. Stir your Margarine, Caster Sugar and Syrup until it becomes runny.

5. Once you have done that, add your mixture to your bowl of Oats.

6. Mix that in until there is no uncovered oats. Scrape off all the excess with your knife and lick the spoon!!!!!

7. Put your oats in your tin container and flatten your mixture until it is level. Make sure it is pushed in at right at the sides.

8. Put your container in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Your flackjacks should be golden brown when they come out.

8. After you have cooked your flackjacks cut your mixture into 4 equal sections.

9. Leave these to cool then Separate them again.

10. WASH UP!!!!!!!! and enjoy!!!

Hope you enjoyed this story. If I have done something wrong in this recipe please be sure to let me know in the comment box below. Also, if you do try this recipe, please tell me if it worked for you!
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