British Youth Council: Interview with Helen Deakin

Helen Deakin, Policy and Press Officer for the British Youth Council shared a few thoughts on young people and positive contributions to their communities

BYC Helen Deakin Interview
The British Youth Council (BYC) is led by young people, for young people, aged 26 and under, across the UK. They connect with the community of member organisations and network of Local Youth Councils, to empower all of us, wherever we’re from, to have a say and be heard. Their fresh take on training and volunteering and lively campaigns – both local and global – inspire young people to have a positive impact and make their voices count.

Examples of campaigns the BYC has been working on are:

Votes at 16, equal National Minimum wage for all, climate change and on campaigning against negative stereotyping of young people in the media

For more information visit the website at
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