My Burn

I Have An Extremely Bad Burn On My Neck.... Nearly A Hospital Job!

Hey guys! Just here to let you know about my burn and how I got it!

I was curling my hair and I am very careful as I use hot tools everday for school or just anywhere that I am going. So... I don't use curling irons often at all unless I really want to as I tend to use my straightners. Anyway, I went to curl my hair and I touched the 200c iron with my finger and held it there and as you can imagine it really hurt. It was an accident... Not delibrate! I then jumped and put the culing irons in my other hand and I put them against my neck... Again, accidently!

My neck now has a huge blister and it is extremly sore... I will try and give you a picture as soon as possible but I have to keep applying Savlon every so often so it doesn't swell up!
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