Anti bulling week!

I hope this information is interesting and you enjoyed reading it! :)

This week at school we learnt about Anti Bullying. The four main types of bullying are:
1.Cyber bullying
2. Peer pressure
3. Dissability bullying
4. Faith bullying
Cyber bullying is when you get bullied by internet websites like Facebook, bebo, Twitter, MSN, hotmail, Gmail and also text messages. Peer pressure is when you get forced to do sometjing which you don't want to. For example, you are studying for a big test tommorow and one of your friend's tell you to go have some alchohol with them, even if your're underage. Dissability bullying is getting bullied if you have a dissorder in you brain and you find it hard to do things or if you are dissabled and can't walk, talk or move. Faith bullying is getting bullied because of your beliefs and what you believe in, and maybe sometimes how you speak, your skin colour and where you come from.
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