Beep Beep Day!

What Is Beep Beep Day? What Did My School Do? Read this story!

Hi guys! Today I am going to be talking to you all about Beep Beep Day and what the purpose is!

What Is Beep Beep Day?
Beep Beep Day is made to raise awareness of road safety, for both drivers and pedestrians to keep EVERYONE safe! This covers a whole rage of things from wearing bright clothing to crossing a road. You will have been taught all about Stop, Look, Listen (and Think) when you were in Primary 1 but you are never to old to be reminded!

What My School Done
My school let us wear bright clothing to school today or come casually dressed if you don't have anything. It was at no cost as our school has done a lot of fundraising this year already but if we cold bring in money, it was much appreciated! I wore a florescent yellow hoodie, florescent yellow Betty Boop top, Jeans and trainers. I was reasonably bright!
Please leave a comment telling me if you done anything today for Beep Beep day!
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