Bolton Wanderers V Swansea City

My Review On The Match...

On 20th April I went down to see the Swansea V Bolton game at the Reebok, (Bolton's stadium), for my brother's birthday treat. I went down with my Mum, Dad and brother. This is my review of the game. (In this game I am supporting Bolton!!)

Swansea started off very well indeed and got a goal which they deserved early on in the game. It wasn't a shock to most of the Bolton fans. Not long after Bolton got some possession and entered into Swansea's half and scored from a cross. A great goal scored by Chris Eagles. Swansea got about 75% of possession in the first half.

Swansea started off almost the excact same way as they did in the first half, with the most possession. Bolton were definatly sturggling to get the ball at this point. The game pretty much continued like this until full time with the final score as 1-1.

After the match we got our picture with the female lineswomen, Sian Massy. She was very nice and pleasant.

Hope you liked my review of the Bolton V Swansea match!!
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