What Part I Am Playing In The Primary 7's WW2 Performance!

And a little bit of information that you could learn from!

Hey guys! I am here to tell you about what part I am playing in our WW2 show.

Why We Do A Show
As many of you know is that I am in Primary 7 and if you didn't know that... You do now! Anyway, every year the Primary 7's put on a show which you could call our leavers performance.

What Our Show Is About (You Need To Read This To Understand The Part I Am Playing!
Our show is called 'Edith's Wartime Scrapbook.' It is about an old lady called Edith who is moving house and she finds a scrapbook from during the war when she was a child. She looks back on all her memories that she had when she you little.

We are splitting Edith into two parts, Edith and Ethel. We are also hoping to change the name too!

What Part I Am Playing!!!!
I am not very much into acting as I hate dressing up and I get nervous (but you wouldn't be able to tell that from me as I am very noisy and hyper!!). So anyway, I am playing the part as a Home Guard!

What Is A Home Guard?
A home guard is someone who basically who took care of our home, and what I mean by that is who took care of Britain and helped stop the Nazi's invading Britain.

What My Part Involves!
My part involves me being a home guard alongside Timbo, Treeone, Candy1, Tigger1 and two other girls who don't have Radiowaves account and I will not name. There is also a Sargent Major who is played by a boy!

Thanks very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story!!
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