My Favourite Swimming Pool..

And Why!

Hey guys! I recently went swimming for the first time in ten whole months which you can imagine, is a long time to go without swimming... especially if you love it. Anyway, I am here to tell you what my favourite swimming pool is and why!

My favourite swimming pool is Perth Lesuire Pool. It is a long drive but is certainly worth it. There are two flumes, a half moon and a full moon. The full moon is for more confident swimmers and older swimmers whereas the half moon is for less confident swimmers and for a younger age group. It doesn't mean to say you can't go on both though.

There are also many additions for younger children. There is a water area for ages six and under which I have to admit, if there is not a lifeguard there, I will go and have a little play there myself! It is fun!!! Heehee..

You can also go and play outside in the outdoor pool which on a cold day is freezing! There is a jacuuzzi, training pool and many more.

Hope you like my mini review!!
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