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These resources are designed to take you through each stage of the S2R Medals programme, from setting up an online reporter account, to reporting as a professional from a match day.

The resources are broken down into short activities which include:
- A teacher document outlining the activity and S2R Medals framework
- A reporter (student) worksheet
- Support documents to provide additional information & tips for each activity

The S2R programme is designed to be as flexible as possible so it can be adapted to any setting, timetable and ability. How far students progress through the programme can be dictated by you. It doesn’t matter if you are a media expert or novice, the S2R resources can be adapted for any media type and setting, from text and photos to film, to school based events or local professional matches.

Included in the resources are Reporter Worksheets, which have been designed for students to use in each activity. These worksheets can be useful if you are unable to access a computer suite or for any planning before proceeding with an activity.

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