Safe Membership- £199 for February

Safe- The Certificate in Safe Social Networking

Safe is the certificate in safe social networking for young people.

Safe Offers:
- A fun, relevant and challenging programme delivering social networking skills
- Recognition of pupil attainment through certificates
- Teacher CPD in e-safety skills
- Parental engagement
- School recognition as e-safety aware
- Development of knowledge and CPD for teachers

Safe provides free materials and teacher resources which can be downloaded as worksheets or completed online. You can use your own school VLE or a free station on Radiowaves, a safe social network for education.

Primary Schools can register and download the materials for free

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, we have a special offer on School Membership during February.

20% Off Safe School Membership

Your school can now become a Safe Member and benefit from the complete Safe experience of classroom resources and e-safety support. Only £199 (exc. VAT) (+£99 yearly renewal) instead of £249. Promo Code: SIDMembFEB

Benefits include:
- Printed Folders- Safe Resources Folders for Level 1 & Level 2
- Safe School Award and use of Safe School Award logo
- Video Tutorial DVDs covering each Safe Activity
- Safe School Parents’ E- Newsletters
- 50% off Safe badges & 25% off Safe training

For more information and to purchase visit Safe Membership

Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day 2012 is celebrated worldwide and this year is an opportunity to encourage users young and old to "discover the digital world together safely".

An inspirational array of activity is taking place nationwide, coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, with all activities focusing attention on empowering all generations to safely benefit from the opportunities that the internet offers.
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