How to join Makewaves

How students can join Makewaves

So you want to join Makewaves? That's great! We just need to send you to the right place to join.

Click here to search if your school is on Makewaves.

My school has signed up to Makewaves! I know the name of my Site too. Where can I join?

Great! You can fill out a special form that will register you.

My school is on Makewaves but I don't know its name! Help!

If you know the Teacher who runs your Makewaves Site, then speak with them and they will tell you how you can join your school's site.

My School isn't on Makewaves! What can I do?

Don't panic! We'd love to get you on board. You can register for The Academy here. - we'll just need to activate your account before you can log in.

I forgot my password!

Speak to the Teacher who runs your Makewaves site, they'll be able to reset your password.

If you added your e-mail address to your account, you can reset your password yourself at
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