Safer Internet Day 2012

Safe Family Resources for Schools, Libraries and Families!

DigitalMe, the creators of Safe - the Certificate in Social Networking, have developed Safe Family for Safer Internet Day 7th February 2012.

Download Safe Family Activities for free and host a family learning event at your school for Safer Internet Day!

Inspired by the theme ‘Connecting Generations’, Safe Family Activities encourage people of all ages to share their experiences of staying safe through completing practical tasks together on a social network. The activities are perfect for people new to social networking, both young and old - so get connecting!  

Safe Family Resources include:

1. Create a Safe Profile - If you have already, why not look through your profile and make sure you are happy.
2. Get Blogging! - Create a blog about staying safe online. How do you stay safe? What advice would you give? What are your concerns?
3. Connect and Comment - Send your blog to family and friends and ask them to comment on it!

Invite families to your school and help them complete the activities and get connected safely online!

On completion of activities, you can register & download the ‘Connecting Generations 2012’ Safe Family Certificate to to celebrate each family’s achievement!

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