Safe Rap by Buckingham Primary School Pupils

#LWF12 Day 1

Staying Safe Online Rap
The Buckingham Primary School Pupils attended Day 1 of the Learning without Frontiers Conference 2012. As well as quizzing delegates and interviewing speakers, they also presented Safe- The Certificate in Social Networking at the Nominet Trust Dome.

Watch this video to hear their 'Staying Safe Online' rap!

More information about the Free Safe Resources for Primary Schools here

Why not get your pupils to perform this rap to their families at school for Safer Internet Day.

Safe is running a programme of activities for Safer Internet Day to engage parents in safe social networking.

Find out about Safer Internet Day here:

Safe Rap

When going on the Internet you must take care

Keep yourself safe and be aware

If you’re sent a rude email or even a text,

You must report it or what will they do next?

When you’re chatting to ‘friends’ on a site on the net

Are they telling the truth, have you ever met?

You think they’re your friend, when they could be a stranger

They may put you in lots of DANGER!

So photo or number - don’t give to anyone

Remember these rules and you’ll have fun!!!
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