Safer Internet Day

Win some fantastic prizes by making an animation, promoting internet safety with your family!

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Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet day is taking place on 7th February. It’s really important that you are safe and know how to be responsible online. Radiowaves is a great website for you to create content, make friends and share in a safe moderated environment but what why is it so important to be safe online? How can we help others to be safe and responsible online? Do your parents/guardians know much about being safe online? How would you teach your family about being safe online?

Get Animated
We want you to share your animations promoting online safety awareness using CrazyTalk Animation. Don’t worry if you don’t have CrazyTalk or have never used it before. It’s safe and easy to use and you can create your animations using the free CrazyTalk Animator trial.

Download CrazyTalk here:

CrazyTalk is really easy to use but if you would like some help and tips, you may find these video tutorials quite handy

Competition Details
Working with your parents, family or friends and thinking about the quetions above, we want you to create an animation using CrazyTalk providing viewers with tips and information about being safe online, why it’s so important and how family can be informed raising further awareness. You may also want to discuss why there is a need for Safer Internet day on the 7th February.

> Entries must be made with CrazyTalk Animator
> Your animation should be educational focusing on the theme of internet safety
> Your animation should be no longer than 1 minute
> You must submit your entry to the Safer Internet day channel! You can do this by clicking on Choose Where This Goes on the right hand side of your story.
> Closing Date for entries is Friday 10th February
> The winner will be announced shortly after the closing date

Information on Internet Safety
Before you make your animation, you could build your knowledge about internet safety and we have the perfect activity for you to do this. You can complete the SAFE activity with a parent/guardian or in school. You must first ask them to complete this form for you in order that you are able to carry out the tasks

If you carry out this activity with your family, you will also get a ‘Connecting Generations 2012’ Safe Family Certificate.

Other useful websites for you to get more information are as follows:

The Prizes
The Reallusion team who are the makers of CrazyTalk and our partners DigitalMe who create lots of fab internet safety resources are offering the following prizes:

> A copy of application CrazyTalk Animator PRO version (worth £115) + 2 content packs
> A copy of iClone 5 Pro (worth £130)
> The winning animation will be featured on the Radiowaves homepage during the week of Safer Internet day.
> Promotion of the winning animation by Radiowaves, CrazyTalk and DigitalMe
> SAFE badges

This is a fantastic competition with an important message, GOOD LUCK!! We look forward to seeing your entries.
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Kimberly Elms says...
This would be a great opportunity for my school, however, we use Apple machines and CrazyTalk is for Windows only :(
06 February 12
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