What is Diwali?

Have a look at one of the main events in the religious calendar!

Diwali, the celebration of light in which Hindus, Sikhs and Jains celebrate the homecoming of Rama and Sita - the great leaders.. We celebrate the eventful day by: lighting candles, painting rangoli patterns on our houses (patterns made of coloured rice), sharing and exchanging presents, watching fireworks and most important of all..Eating SWEETS!!! Diwali is celebrated to show the success of Good over Evil! We light candles to recreate the day when villagers lit and place candles outside there houses. The villagers did this so Ram & Sita could find their way home. In Leicester we eat scrumptious food, gaze at spectacular firework displays and be astounded by the thousands of lights which cover the Golden Mile (Leicester's Belgrave Road). We also buy lots of gold in this celebration. The story is about Lord Rama who is exiled, his wife -Sita gets kidnapped by the demon king (Ravana). After a long time and a treacherous journey Ram a rescues her and they live a happy life. Overall it is a great celebration...Why don't you come as well!
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