St Lawrence students raise £950 for Charity by completing a Radiowaves Challenge. By Luke Robinson

Year 11 Students present the cheque for the money raised to cancer research

Many groups took up the challenge and doing so raised £950!

Pupils put charity work in the frame

Students from St Lawrence Academy are in the frame after raising more than £900 for people affected by cancer.

The talented bunch produced a number of professional short films for a national Radiowaves competition sponsored by the Red Cross.

FILMING FOR CASH: Pupils from St Lawrence Academy, Scunthorpe, (from left) Haania Amir, 15, Joshua Hornsey, 16, and Luke Smith, 15, who have raised money for Cancer Research with the film-making project

Radiowaves is a network of free school websites where pupils can broadcast their own videos, podcasts and blogs.

Haania Amir, 15, said: "I really enjoy video production and find learning all of the filming and editing techniques really interesting.

"For the competition, we all had to produce a short film discussing the pros and cons of using robots in wars, which was a challenging subject."

The academy is now offering an after school film-making course to students and their families, starting on Monday, October 31, from 4.30pm to 6pm. To enrol, call Helen Parker on 01724 842447.

From the Scunthorpe Telegraph
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