Should Facebook be open to under 13's?

Join the debate!

Join the Debate
To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2013, we are bringing back the Facebook debate.

Should Facebook be open to under 13's?

Post your views as a comment below and and vote on the poll.

DigitalME were invited to the UKCCIS Summit in 2011 and asked to bring with us some of our fantastic reporters from Riversdale Primary School.

These pupils had completed the Safe programme- The certificate in Safe social networking.

They are now experts in safe social networking and like many primary school aged pupils, they use the internet in their every day life.

So who better to interview some of the leading organisations and business in the online world?!

Watch this video to find out what questions Ewan and Nicolas had for Richard Allan, Facebook-Director of Policy.

Shoud Facebook be open to under 13's?

Join the debate!

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