The Network News Competition Winner

... find out who won the Flip camera!

Here at My World we have finally announced our Network News Awards and we would now like to announce the winner of the Network News Competition!

We received some brilliant entries, and particularly liked a video from our brand new My World school Zilahi Reformatus Kollegium from Romania, but the winning story is.....

Miramar Central School Food Fair by RedMC and Red EN-D from Kia Ora Korero!

We thought the photos of your food fair were excellent, and along with the brilliant description we felt like we were really there... and really wanted to try all the delicious food! Well done team!

We also love the new story you have made using our My World resource, introducing your school to the network:

A shiny new Flip camera is on its way to your school, so now as well as your brilliant photo stories, you can make videos as well!

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

The My World team
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