The Network News Awards: The WINNERS

See who won what!

So, this week the Radiowaves Online Awards are being announced, so here at My World we have tied in announcing the Network News Awards!

The winners are......

Best Report from each country:

England: AQA lose Physics Results
by Emzi, Charkole, Wilkipops and ElizabethJBush
For a well made report investigating an exam mix up in their school.

Poland: Polish History: Fighting for Freedom
by maggy297 and KULTkultKULT
A brilliant piece telling of a difficult period in Poland's history. Also, see the Radiowaves online awards for another well-deserved winning report from Poland!

Germany: Cultural Food
by Laura Bonbon
A really original idea for a report, and very well made.

Latvia: The Sports Day at Kraslava Gymnasium
by Janevicha
A great report showing a fun day in school!

Slovenia: Gimnazija Jesenice
by Ani, Ania and Nusi
A brilliant piece showing what life is like in your school!

Top Reporter from each country

England: Natale1212

Poland: MrsCrowley

Slovenia: Levchek

Latvia: Happiness (and Janevicha who was also awarded Reporter of the Month!)

Germany: Paulina Lisa and Rojii

Most Informative Report

The History of Slovenia: Yugoslavia by Gia
A very interesting piece and good to see opinions from different generations.

Most Original Report

Rap Battle 'Brap' by Emzi, Charkole, Wilkipops and ElizabethJBush
Rapping about a bakery... it can't get much more original!

Best Interviews:

Alice in Wonderland by Natalie 1212, neb1996 and Joel31113
Some really good interview
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