Miramar Central School, Wellington, NZ.

Welcome to our school.

MCS report
Miramar Central School

This is our school, Miramar Central. We are now going to introduce you to our school. Miramar Central opened on the 4th of February 1929.

Our school is made up of 15 classes, a hall, a library, an office and a special needs class that is room 10. We also have a room full of computers for learning. We have 2 syndicates, Tuakana and Teina. They mean elder and younger.

We have packed lunch every weekday. In our packed lunch we have healthy food and some treats as well. We have a compost bin. After we have eaten, we must pick up the scraps we drop.

We have a very big playground. Our latest play equipment is the Condor. The Condor is like a climbing frame. The Condor is placed on the blue mats near the Teina classes. We have monkey bars near the trees. We also have the famous Playscape with slides, swings and more monkey bars.

We have a Health Team. Our principal, Mr Taylor-Smith, is part of the Health Team and so are certain people from the Tuakana syndicate . The last two years the Health Team and some students painted a mural. The mural represents countries from all over the world.

Every once in a while, a special event happens. There is the Food Fair, Cultural Week, Movie Week, Disco, School Picnic, Art Evening and Eastern Zones that includes Cross Country and Athletics. The PTA, Mrs Bathard and the staff help prepare the Food Fair. Mrs Bathard also organizes Cultural Week. We have a week where the Tuakana syndicate makes a movie per class. Here are some pictures of the past events.

Our school is amazing.
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