End of Youth Volunteering Project in Hull

March 31st saw the end of the very successful vinvolved Hull project, part of the national youth volunteering programme for 16 to 25 year olds, funded by the charity V

On March 29th the 3 Hull MP’s Alan Johnson, Karl Turner and Diana Johnson hosted a meeting in London with young people and staff from Hull CVS Volunteer Centre looking at how democracy works. The meeting included a frank discussion on youth volunteering, how the spending cuts are affecting young people in Hull, but also how young people can and are making a difference through volunteering. The event included a visit to the Houses of Parliament and a trip on London Eye.

Tom Grealy, Volunteer Centre Manager at Hull CVS commented ‘the success of the vinvolved Hull project has been phenomenal, since April 2008, the Hull CVS vinvolved Team have recruited and placed almost 3,000 young people into volunteering opportunities across Hull, worked with over 100 volunteer involving organisations, developed and supported a 26 strong Youth Action Team providing media crew and ambassadors for youth volunteering as well as staging two very successful Youth Volunteer Awards events at the KC Stadium.
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