Our BBC School News Report Day

On 24th March Catmose College took part in the 2011 BBC School News Report Day!

We interview Charlie about his experience with BBC School News report
Today was the big day! BBC School News Report 2011. We had both taken part last year and were not sure what to expect this year but after 3 weeks of elective preparation, we had our report stories: comic relief, budget cuts, the new build, sport and weather. We had already done most of the interviewing and script writing, but today we had to decide and write the days news stories under a set time limit. We sorted into 3 groups: local, national and inter-national.

The local story was RAF Cottesmore closing and the effect on the local area, the national story was the budget and the international story was the Japanese water, which is still a bit radioactive!

We wrote out the script and started recording everything, with the help of our friend and mentor from the BBC, Jim - thank you sooo much Jim!

We recorded all of our stories with Charlie and Izzy on the sofa as Bill and Sian. Eleanor and I did the international and national news stories, Toby did the local news and weather, Eleanor did the new build story, Olivia and Emily did our story on Comic Relief and Peter presented sport! Kyle and Harry were excellent cameramen and Harvey, Robyn, Phoebe, Olivia and Sophie made excellent prompts and helped with all of the recording.

As always the amazing Ms Smith, aided by Jim organised everything.

After the recording was done Harvey, Kyle and Toby did all the editing with Jim's help to complete our 2011 News report, which we all considered a great success! Our full report can be seen on http://www.makewav.es/story/245645/title/bbcnewsschoolreport2011
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