Science & Enviroment in Poland

A story about ecology, saving energy etc.

Everyby knows that in clean enironment life is better. Nobody likes rubbish in the streets, full rubbish bins and rotten fruit. I think everyone threw a candy wrapper onto the street at least one time in his life. Why? Because we have no time to look for a dust bin or we are just lazy. In fact, it's not so difficult to be in a harmony with nature.
The 22nd of April is an Earth Day in Poland. It's a day, when people clean the earth: they take rubbish from streets, forests and meadows, often in the schooltime.
But should we take care of earth only one time a year? No, we should think about it everyday. We should switch off the light when we go out of the room, turn off the tap, the computer, the TV etc.
Let's think about it ;)
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