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My True Nature Competition - Help Celebrate WWFs 50th Birthday

What does nature mean to you? WWF want you to share your creative talent…..

    WWF are celebrating their 50th birthday and have launched a fabulous competition that will allow you and your pupils to really think about nature and what it means.

    What is the My True Nature (MTN) Competition?

    WWF are inviting your school to get all creative and share your film, photographs, art, music, writing or performances inspired by nature. Your competition entry could be anything from a music piece which highlights nature’s weather to a Richard Attenborough style film, looking at your favourite animals in the local woods. What does nature mean to you? Is the key message!

    This fantastic competition is open to anyone aged 7-16 and the winners will have their work professionally produced and exhibited at a very special and exclusive WWF 50th birthday event.

    Each entry will be judged on its:
    • Originality
    • Quality/Expertise
    • Relevance to theme
    • Popularity

    Entries should reflect pupil’s personal response to nature in a creative and imaginative way and winners will be chosen from each category.

    The Categories are:
    • Film and Photography
    • Art
    • Writing
    • Music & Audio
    • Dance & Movement

    How can you get involved?

    If your school is not already registered on Radiowaves then you should register now at

    If you are already a Radiowaves member:

    Create a story with your entry to the competition and then submit it to the My True Nature (MTN) channel you want to enter i.e. film & photography or art. Your entry will then become part of the MTN network

    For more information please visit

    Entries should be submitted before 9th September 2011
    Discover your connection with nature and bring it to life on Radiowaves...
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