Network News Week Photo Competition!

You could win some Radiowaves goodies!!!

Hi everyone,

We’re launching a second competition to celebrate the new picture gallery on Radiowaves. Upload a single photograph that sums up what is happening in your school at the moment. This could be of your fundraising for Comic Relief, or for the Japanese tsunami, it could show the effects spring is having on your school grounds, or anything else that you can think of!

Add the photo and a caption to a story and submit this to the Network News channel.... the best photograph will win a Network News goody bag.

We've uploaded this photo to sum up our week at Radiowaves and Digital ME since we've been refurbishing our offices and had to move all of the furniture out into the corridor.

Don't forget you can still enter our other competition to win a Flip camera for your school!!!! Click on this link for more information:

If you want any more information about Network News Week or the competitions please contact me.

Anthony :)
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