The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

On Sunday 16 January our valounteers ook part in the annual event.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the biggest charity organization in Poland. It was founded in 1993 by Jerzy Owsiak and it takes place on the first or second Sunday of every new year. During this event, in almost every Polish town volunteers collect money from millions of Poles. The Great Finale is always also a spectacular show: many of concerts of the most popular Polish artist, big lotteries with fantastic rewards and the special one: fireworks. All collected money is donated to Polish hospitals. It’s worth to say that between 1993 and 2005 we’ve raised funds over 60 million USD. And next years, it was even better! In 2010 The Great Orchestra have collected over 14 million USD. Money from this year is still being counted, but we’re pretty sure that Poles showed their generosity once again!
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